SMS and Text Messaging Marketing

Send targeted and personalized texts to your contacts.



Automatic follow ups with SMS messages

Add automated SMS sending to your automation work flows and send follow ups to your contacts, notify sales agents, and more. Define the exact delivery time schedule so that you send at the optimal day and time.

Allow users to subscribe via SMS

Promote your phone number and allow users to subscribe to your campaigns via SMS. They simply text a phone number and receive a text message back asking for their email address. When the contact replies they are added as a contact.



Manage and collect phone numbers

Import your contacts with phone numbers or import phone numbers and manually manage your existing contacts. Create and integrate forms into your website and applications to request phone numbers to be used in your campaigns.


Reliable and cost effective delivery

Pricing for SMS sending is affordable and easy. Small Business plans get 25 free credits per month and Enterprise plans get 1,000 free credits per month. Additional credits can be purchased in bulk. SMS sending is available for the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Mexico, and Spain.




Automatic opt-out and unsubscribe management

If anyone wishes to stop receiving SMS messages they can simply reply with “STOP” or “UNSUBSCRIBE” at any time and they will automatically be excluded from future messages.